Board of Selectmen

Town Government

The Town of Berkley is governed by open Town Meeting. Such a gathering of registered voters may decide on all Town matters. It is the Legislative Body of the Town of Berkley and, as such, has the authority to raise and appropriate money and to approve the town’s bylaws. The Annual Town Meeting is called by the Board of Selectmen, with notifications posted in the Town by Constable and mailed to each residence at least two weeks before the Town Meeting date.

Berkley must have one Annual Town Meeting by Town ByLaw, on the first Monday in June. Additional Special Town Meetings may be held as needed and notifications are made in the same manner as Annual Town Meeting.

There are three members of the Board of Selectmen who serve as the chief executive officers of the Town of Berkley. They are elected at large by the voters of the Town at the Annual Town Election, which is held on the Saturday following the first Monday in May. As the chief policymakers, of the Town, the Board of Selectmen exercises its core powers and authority to promulgate and formulate Town guidelines, directives and bylaws. It serves as the licensing authority and serves as the appointing authority, including appointing members of the majority of the Town’s boards, committees and commissions. The Board of Selectmen is also responsible for the appointment of a Town Administrator to carry out the affairs of the Board of Selectmen on a day to day basis.

Mission Statement

The Board of Selectmen is sworn to enforce the Town ByLaws, to be responsive to the Town’s needs, values and directions and to manage the affairs and property of the Town.

Service Description

The three-member board is elected for staggered three-year terms and is charged with the management of the affairs and property of the Town. Their authority and responsibilities are derived from the Massachusetts General Laws and the Town ByLaws.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Heather Martin-Sterling Town Administrator / Records Liaison Officer
VACANT . Administrative Assistant

Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expiration