Birth Certificates

Which birth certificates can be obtained through the town clerk?

The Town Clerk holds the birth certificates of those persons born in Berkley or those who were born in Massachusetts and whose mother was a resident of Berkley at the time of the birth.

What is the cost of obtaining a birth certificate?

The cost of obtaining a birth certificate is $5.00. There is a research fee of $15.00 per hour (one hour minimum) for older birth certificates which require research. Call the Town Clerk's office to see if this is the case.

Who can obtain a birth certificate?

An individual may obtain their own birth certificate.

Anyone may obtain a birth certificate of a person 18 years of age or older (except in those cases where the certificate is impounded by law).

Impounded birth certificates may only be picked up by the individual or a parent who is listed on the certificate.

Parent listed on the birth certificate can pick up the birth certificate of a minor child. They must present an ID before receipt of the certificate.

How do I obtain a birth certificate?

To order a birth certificate by mail, send

  1. a request to the Town Clerk (with a minimum of full name and date of birth),
  2. check made out to the Town of Berkley, and
  3. a self addressed stamped envelope

If the certificate requested is for a minor child or for an impounded record, you must appear in person with identification.