Fee Schedules

The Following Are Available In The Town Clerk's Office

Certified Copies of Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates): $5.00

Entering Delayed Record of Birth, Death or Marriage: $5:00

Entering Correctioon of Birth, Death, or Marriage: $5.00

Recording Certificate of Adoption: $10.00

Recording Certificate of Home Birth: $10.00

Marriage Intention and Entering Certificate: $20.00

Burial Permit: $10.00

Dog Licenses and Fees (All dogs must be licensed annually by January 31st)

Male & Female Dogs: $20.00

Neutered or Spayed Dogs: $10.00


4 Dogs: $50.00

5 to 9 Dogs (Need Board of Health and Animal Control Officer Approval): $75.00

10 or more Dogs (Need Board of Health and Animal Control Officer Approval): $100.00

Late Fees

After May 1st: $15.00

Business Certificates

New: $30.00

Renewal: $30.00

Certified Copy: $10.00

Withdrawal: $10.00

By-Laws: $15.00

If certified by Clerk, add: $35.00

If mailed, add postage: $40.00

Planning Board

Rules & Regulations: $10.00

Site Plan Review: $3.00

If mailed, additional postage: $5.00

Voters' List: $20.00

If mailed, add postage: $5.00

Street List: $35.00

If mailed, add postage: $40.00

Recording Pole Locations, Etc.: $50.00

Additional Streets: $15.00

Filing Copy of Written Instruments or Declarations of Trust By Trustees of Association or Trust: $20.00

Amendments: $20.00

Certified Copy of Record: $5.00

Plus cost of document

Recording Other Documents: $5.00

Certification of Residency: $5.00

Certification of Voter Status: $5.00

Copies Not Specified on List (Per Side of Page): $0.20

Research Time Per Hour Does Not Include Copies: $15.00

(One hour minimum paid in advance)

Business List: $.50 per page

If mailed, add postage: $3.00

Transfer Station/Recycling

Trash Bags

Small -- 10 16-gallon bags: $10.00

Large -- 10 33-gallon bags: $15.00

Stickers (Good from July 1 through the following June 30)

Regular Stickers: $40.00

Seniors (65+): $30.00

Additional Vehicles (same household): $10.00

Any stickers purchased prior to May 1 (early registration) will receive a $5.00 discount