What can I bring to the Transfer Station?

All household trash, for example, food scraps, wrappers, broken glass, go in the Town of  Berkley trash bags.

Non-recyclable items too large to fit in a Town of Berkley trash bag, go in the Bulky Container. Town of Berkley bags can be purchased at the Recycling Center or the Town Clerk’s Office and from the following local business: The Common Crossing.

We pay SEMASS by the ton for our trash; if you include recyclable items in your trash you are costing the Town money. We get paid for the baled office paper, corrugated cardboard, plastics and glass.

MaterialWhat to RecycleHow to PrepareDo NOT Include
BatteriesAuto, HouseholdContainer in the Recycle BuildingDamaged or leaking batteries
CardboardCorrugated, Brown paper bagsOpen ends and flatten cartonsMixed paper, Styrofoam, wood, trash, garbage
CompostGrass clipping, leavesEmpty bags in  the compose areaBrush, garbage, rocks, trash, wood
Fluorescent BulbsAll sizes and shapesContainer in the Recycle BuildingAll other light bulbs go with your trash
GlassJars and bottles; clear, green brownRINSE, remove caps and corksDishes, ceramics, mirrors, plate glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses
Hardcover BooksAll hardcover, soft cover books, software, CDs, DVDs, VCRsGOT BOOKS? ContainerMagazines, newspapers
Magazines, Phone BooksAll magazines, catalogs, phone booksPlace loose in appropriate containerJunk mail, computer paper, newspaper
Metal CansSteel (tin), aluminum foil/containers, empty aerosol cans, dry paint cansRINSE, remove plastic lidsHazardous material
Metal ItemsAny item that is more than 75% metalRemove as much non-metal material as possibleAny item that is less than 75% metal
Mixed PaperAny clean paper, junk mail, cardboard, computer paperFlatten boxes, remove packagingCorrugated cardboard, brown grocery bags, magazines, trash, soda and beer cartons
NewspapersDry newspapers (including inserts)Place loose in appropriate containerJunk mail, magazines, phone books, office paper, trash
PlasticContainers labeled #1 or #2 (on triangle on container)RINSE, remove all caps, flatten milk jugsAll other plastic containers msut go with your trash
Used Oil, Antifreeze, Used Oil FiltersUsed Oil, Antifreeze, Used Oil FiltersMust be in clear containersOil or antifreeze mixed with any other material
StyrofoamAny StyrofoamPut peanuts, worms in secured bagsAny other kind of packaging material

Non-Recyclable Items – there may be an additional fee for some items not listed above.

Air Conditioner$10.00
Box Springs:$20.00
Dehumidifiers:   $10.00
Dishwashers:  $5.00
Lawn Mowers:      $5.00
Monitors:                  $10.00
Tables:            $5.00
Freezers:                $15.00
Mattresses:        $20.00  
Refrigerators:     $15.00  
Toilets:     $5.00   
Paint (gal.)$1.00
Lawn Tractor$10.00
Construction Material (household only) 
½ full pickup or trailer:$20.00
Full pickup or trailer:$30.00
Roofing Material (household only) 
½ full pickup or trailer:$30.00
Full pickup or trailer:$60.00
8 x 10 or smaller:$5.00
Over 8 x 10$10.00
Table top$10.00
Floor style$15.00
Tires (car & truck only) 
20” or smaller:$5.00
Over 20”$10.00
Compost - Grass clippings, leaves, etc. 
1/2 full pickup or trailer:$10.00
Full pickup or trailer:$20.00
Brush, vines, sticks 
1/2 full pickup or trailer:$20.00
Full pickup or trailer:$30.00
Minimum fee for items not listed:$10.00

Kitty Litter: Please put bags of kitty litter in the Bulky Container

Free Table: Drop off spot for good, used items that can be somebody’s treasure

Returnable Bottles and Cans: Each month a local non-profit organization benefits from the returnables that are dropped off at the Recycling Center. See the Supervisor if you would like to participate in this program.